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      Get Into Hengfeng

      Dream it, Reach it!
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      Dream it, Reach it!

      Established in 1952, and listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 600356) in 2001, Hengfeng Paper’s annual production capacity is 230,000 tons of paper and 6,000 tons of hemp/flax pulp, with about 2,000 committed employees, 21 state of the art paper machines and 1 hemp/flax pulping plant.

      1952 Since 1952
      • 2001

        Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

      • 21

        Paper Machines

      • 2000

        Around 2000 employees

      • 230,000

        Annual Production Capacity(MT)

      What We

      To focus on orderly exploitation and scientific utilization of forest resources is our permanent pursuit, persisting in harmonious and sustainable development to maintain a permanent, prosperous and green home.



        Customer Awareness, Value Awareness, Market Awareness, Brand Awareness, Innovation Awareness, Learning Awareness
      • TENET

        Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Shareholder Satisfaction, Social Satisfaction
      • VISION

        To be the best integrative forest, pulp and paper utilizing and developing company.

        Everlasting and prosperous business resulting from credibility

        Innovation, Surpass, Development, Repay
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